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Paint Booth Filtration

Technical Services and Filtration Solutions

In addition to our complete range of paint filtration products, Koch Filter Corporation offers a full menu of in-plant services to help our customers improve their overall painting processes. Consult with your local Koch Filter Corporation Representative to determine which services might be most helpful in your facility.

Koch Filter Corporation is one of the industry’s leading producers of air filters. Founded in 1966, Koch has evolved into a single-source for air filtration products, with a specific focus on the Finishing Industry. Our philosophy, developed over three decades, is to help our customers achieve high quality results in their Paint and Coatings operations through a four step process:
Performance, Compliance, Solutions and Savings.


Koch Filter Corporation offers the industry’s most complete line of high performance filtration products for industrial coatings processes. Our product line includes SprayClean™ diffusion media, diffusion panels, cube filters, high efficiency bag filters, SprayStop™ overspray collectors, dust collector cartridges and other filters for every phase of your coating operation. Koch also has the flexibility to engineer specialized products to meet the demands of specific coating applications.


Koch Filter Corporation does more than just ship air filters. Our goal is to become an integral part of our customer’s painting processes, dedicated to using our thirty years of filtration experience to offer a unique combination of support services, quality products, and technical innovation. Combined, these qualities lead to innovative, long-term solutions from a single source — Koch Filter Corporation.


Compliance with government regulations is the cornerstone of every successful industrial coatings process. Koch Filter Corporation understands these regulatory and safety procedures. Our products meet all NFPA, OSHA, EPA, and NESHAP requirements, and we work with our customers to maintain overall compliance and certification guidelines for their coating processes.


Koch Filter Corporation knows that a successful coatings operation depends on many factors coming together all at once. Any company can come up with expensive, risky answers; our wide array of filtration products makes Koch uniquely qualified to provide creative solutions which not only work, but are cost effective and affordable, too.

SprayClean™ Filters for Overspray Collection

paint-booth-1SprayStop™ Synthetic Overspray Medias

Koch offers a complete range of overspray medias for the collection of all types of paint overspray and industrial coating materials. Four types of polyester overspray media are available, SprayStop™ S, SprayStop™ SHC, SprayStop™ 550, and SprayStop™ STK.

SprayStop™ S and SHC offer superior efficiency and holding capacity for high volune thermo-set coatings.
SprayStop™ 550 and STK are designed to capture air-dry coatings such as aerospace primers, and they provide excellent filtration in spray-to-waste powder coat operations.

All four medias are constructed with a specialized fiber blend available only from Koch Filter Corporation which was developed specifically for paint overspray applications. SprayStop media is available in Bulk Rolls, Blankets and Pads to meet any booth size requirement. Consult pro duct Bulletin no. 798-1, 798-2, 798-4, 798-7.

paint-booth-2SprayStop™ Expanded Paper Overspray Media

This media is widely used in a variety of overspray applications. SprayStop™ 3000 consists of nine layers of slit and expanded kraft paper, while SprayStop™ 3200 offers the added benefit of a polyester backing downstream for increased efficiency. Several additional expanded paper medias are available for special applications. SprayStop media is available in Bulk Rolls, Blankets, and Pads to meet any booth size requirement.

paint-booth-3SprayStop™ FG Fiberglass Overspray Media

SprayStop™ FG media is composed of multiple layers of glass fiber and has been a popular media for various types of paint overspray applications for many years, especially in applications where initial purchase price is of utmost concern. Economical SprayStop fiberglass is available in Bulk Rolls, Blankets, and Pads to meet any booth size requirement.

paint-booth-4SprayStop™ Duo-Pak S and Duo-Pak 650

Koch offers two unique extended surface bag-type filters for use in paint overspray systems, SprayStop™ Duo-Pak S is the filter of choice in the collection of thermo-reactive coatings when efficieny and service life are necessary.

SprayStop™ Duo-Pak 650 is designed to meet MACT Standards for all coatings materials, including aerospace primers and other hard-to-capture overspray contaminants. SprayStop Duo-Pak 650 has been tested and verified according to EPA Test Method 319, and meets NESHAP requirements for aerospace applications where two-stage filtration is permitted.

paint-booth-5SprayStop™ System 2

SprayStop™ System 2 is a two-stage overspray system, composed of SprayStop™ STK or 550 in the first stage, with a high efficiency SprayStop™ 650 bag filter as the final filter, System 2 complies with EPA Test Method 319 Guidelines for two-stage systems, and is designed specifically for use in aerospace applicaitons where anticorrosive primers and other chromate-laden coatings are present.

paint-booth-6SprayStop™ System 3

SprayStop™ System 3 is a three-stage overspray system composed of SprayStop™ S or SHC overspray media in the upstream stage, an MG300 or MG550 Panel as the second stage, and a high efficiency Multi-Sak 95 final filter as the third stage (standard or self-seal). System 3 complies with
EPA Test Method 319 Guidelines for three-stage systems, and is designed for optimum performance and service life in aerospace coatings operations where high levels of chromates are common.

SprayClean™ Filters for Make-Up Air Filtration

paint-booth-7SprayClean™ Duo-Pak 550 and SprayClean™ Duo-Pak 40

Koch Duo-Pak 550 (three-ply) and Duo-Pak 40 (two-ply) filters are extended surface pocket filters designed for maximum service life and superior efficiency for capturing particulate larger than 5 microns in diameter. Both models may be used as Pre-Filters to extend the life of high efficiency filters, or they may be used as tactified overspray collectors in air-dry or powdered paint applications. Self-seal and header models are available.

paint-booth-8Pre-Filter Options

To protect and extend the life of costly high efficiency filters. Koch offers Multi-Pleat Extended Surface Filters and Maxi-Grid 300 and 550 Internally-Supported Panels. The Multi-Pleat, one of the world’s most widely used pre-filters, is available in efficiencies ranging from 20-40% and is offered in many models, including a High Temperature version for paint curing ovens.

Maxi-Grid Panels are internally-supported three-ply filters constructed with graduated density polyester media.

Equipped with a self-sealing edge to eliminate air and dirt bypass in the paint booth, Maxi-Grid Filters are easy to install with no clips or holding devices required.

paint-booth-9SprayStop™ KDF 600 Diffusion Media

KDF 600 will improve First Pass Capability and reduce defects in downdraft spray booths while providing contaminant-free, laminar airflow with an efficiency level of 99.5%+ on particles above 4 microns. The progressive density fiber matrix creates superior fractional efficiency and prevents the migration of contaminants that cause surface blemishes. Available in blankets, cut pads, or cross-wire panels to fit any downdraft application, or engineered specification.

paint-booth-10High Efficiency Final Filters

Koch manufactures several models of high efficiency filters for use as secondary or final stage filtration in the make-up air section of a paint operation. DuraMAX Minipleat Filters, Multi-Sak S, Multi-Flo Rigid Filters, Multi-Cell High Temperature Filters, and several other choices give the customer multiple options in the 65%, 85%, and 95% efficiency range. This wide range of alternatives insures that Koch can be a single-source supplier for any paint filtration requirement.

Source Capture Filtration

paint-booth-11Dust Collection Cartridges

Koch Dust Collection Cartridges are used worldwide in powder coating, grinding, and spray-to-waste operations. By back pulsing air through the filters, Koch DC Cartridges are self-cleaning and can greatly reduce operational costs where high concentrations of contaminant are generated.

HEPA Filtration

paint-booth-12Multi-HEPA filters provide the nearly contaminant-free air required in many painting applications. With DOP-tested efficiency ratings as high as 99.999% on .3 micron size particles the Multi-HEPA, offers the highest level of air filtration available in the Koch Filter Corporation product line. To meet the many demanding requirements found in super-critical environments, Multi-HEPA filters are available with two capacity levels, Standard and High Capacity. Several choices of frame components and many standard and special sizes are also offered. Consult pro duct Bulletin no. K-334A.

Untitled-13DuraPure Gas Phase Carbon Filters

DuraPure Filters are designed specifically for maximum protection from the effects of gaseous contaminants, such as volatile organic compounds, commonly found in coatings operations.

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