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Antimicrobial-Treated Air Filters

Features of the antimicrobial treatment used in MicroSafe Air Filters:

  • Provides long-term, effective control of microorganisms which are commonly associated with building health problems.
  • Non-migrating. It will not leach, off-gas or volatize.
  • Controls the growth of microorganisms on the air filter surface and has been shown in laboratory testing to lower microbial contamination in recirculated air.
  • Permanently bonds to the filter fibers to form a new durable antimicrobial surface.
  • Does not exhibit significant loss of activity over the normal lifecycle of the filter.
  • In extensive testing has never been shown to allow or cause microbial adaptation or resistance.
  • Has a nearly twenty year history of safe effective use in solving microbial contamination problems in buildings.

Koch Filter Corporation’s MicroSafe Antimicrobial-Treated Air Filters are designed for effective control of molds, bacteria, mildew and other airborne microorganisms. The antimicrobial treatment utilized in all MicroSafe products is a specialized antimicrobial agent designed to effectively control microbial growth such as fungus, mold, mildew and bacteria on contact.

A wide range of Koch products are available with the antimicrobial treatment including MicroSafe Extended Surface Pleated Panels, MicroSafe Synthetic Filter Media and high efficiency BioMAX HEPA filters. See reverse for a detailed listing of MicroSafe products.

This large product offering, in tandem with the capability to control such a wide spectrum of microorganisms, make MicroSafe Antimicrobial-Treated Air Filters an excellent frontline component in the overall effort to improve Indoor Environmental Quality.


MicroSafe Antimicrobial-Treated Air Filters are designed for use in any HVAC system, and are ideal for control of microorganisms in hospitals, nursing homes, laboratories, and commercial buildings of all types.

MicroSafe™ Antimicrobial Treatment is available on the following products:

  • BioMAX CS
  • BioMAX V-2000
  • Duo-Cube
  • Duo-Pak 40
  • DuraMAX 2v
  • DuraMAX 4v
  • Maxi-Grid
  • MicroMAX
  • MicroSafe ES
  • Multi-Cell
  • Multi-Flo
  • Multi-Sak
  • •Synthetic Air Filter Media

– MERV 4 through 16 performance rating.

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