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Supergrade Fiberglass Air Filter Media is available in a wide range of pad and roll sizes. Because all air filtration systems are different, one standard media cannot meet every requirement. With three media depths to choose from it is possible to find the right media for any fiberglass application. Contact us for recommendations on your system.

Although 1″, 2″ and 4″ Supergrade Fiberglass Air Filter Medias are designed for different applications, several qualities are common to all three styles:

Progressive Density
All fiberglass media consists of continuous filaments of high quality spun glass. These fibers are formed into a graded density blanket to provide maximum depth loading throughout the roll or pad.

Special Adhesive
Each individual fiber is coated with a specially designed adhesive gel. This adhesive enhances the media’s dust holding ability by creating a “wicking” action not provided by competitive medias.

Color Coded Media
All Fiberglass Media is tinted on the downstream side for easy installation into frames or blanket systems.

1″ and 2″ Media– White, upstream; Blue, downstream
4″ Media– White, upstream; Yellow/Gold, downstream

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