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auto-rollsFilter Services of Indiana carries replacement roll filters for all existing roll filter equipment.

All Automatic Rolls, regardless of type of original equipment, are guaranteed to meet or exceed specifications. To insure easy installation, paper leaders and trailers are furnished with each roll. In addition, every roll is subjected to a rigid quality control inspection of the media and winding technique before shipping.

Automatic Roll Filter Media
Automatic Roll Filters are presently in use throughout the world in applications such as hospitals, commercial buildings, major universities, and industrial systems of all types. In order to meet the hundreds of requirements found in these systems, five unique Roll Filter Medias have been developed. Each media has been engineered to handle specific conditions such as heavy dirt loads, variable air volumes, varying humidity levels, and individual
customer preferences.

Automatic Rolls are available in three grades of synthetic media (P, MD, and ST), and two grades of glass fiber media (GD, GHD). All five styles consist of progressively dense media and adhesive to enhance dust holding capacity. A full-width integral backing on every roll provides protection against necking and fiber break-off. Contact us to find the right media for your equipment. For complete technical data and recommended applications, see this PDF.

Type P Synthetic Media
Type P is constructed of 100% polyester fibers. It is designed for commercial and industrial applications where a synthetic media is preferred, such as hospitals and food processing operations. A true progressive density media, Type P has excellent strength and will not collapse as dirt and resistance build up.

Type P auto Roll Media is white in color, 65′ long and scrim-backed.

Type MD Synthetic Media
Type MD is constructed of 100% high loft polyester fibers. MD is an extremely resilient media with a minimum loft of 1.5″ in the airstream. The media is designed for applications where media strength and a high level of filtration are vital. Because the product contains no fiberglass, it is popular in hospital and food processing plants where no fiber-breakoff is permitted.

Type MD Auto Roll Media is white in color, 45′ long and scrim-backed.

Type ST Synthetic Media
Type ST is composed of 100% synthetic fibers. The media is treated on the downstream side with a heavy coating of a specially formulated adhesive to enhance dust holding capacity and increase efficiency. Type ST is designed for any commercial or industrial installation. Because of the excellent performance characteristics offered by this specialized media, Type ST is popular in hospitals and in applications where clean air is critical.

Type ST Auto Roll Media is white in color, 65′ long, tackified and scrim-based.

Type GD Fiberglass Media
Type GD consists of high quality spun glass and is designed for most commercial and industrial applications where air velocity and dit are normal (500 fpm). Type GD offers an excellent combination of high quality and low initial purchase price.

Type GD Auto Roll Media is 65′ long, scrim-backed, with a blue tint on the air entering side.

Type GHD Fiberglass Media
Type GHD is a premium heavy duty media designed for use in applications where extreme conditions exist or where levels of contaminant require special filtration capacity. GHD contains the highest concentration of glass and adhesive gel of any Koch Auto Roll Media.

Type GHD Auto Roll Media is 65′ long, scrim-backed, with a yellow tint on the air entering side.

Each roll is furnished with core designed to fit original equipment machines including:

  • American Air Filter Roll-O-Matic™
  • BLC Industries™
  • Continental Conomatic and Conomanual™
  • Farr Roll Kleen™
  • Cambridge Electro-Aire™
  • Carrier™
  • Commercial FulFlo™
  • Trane Roll Filter™
  • Air Maze Roll-A-Maze™
  • Mine Safety Appliances Roll-Aire™
  • All major unit ventilator equipment

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