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LEED Certified Filters


Use MERV 13 to MERV 16 filters

Pursuing this credit means using a high level of air filters at your outside air intakes. To earn this credit, MERV 13 to MERV 16 filters must be used at all outside air intakes—no spaces may be omitted. As of November 2010, however, a USGBC addendum removed a requirement for return air circulation to also have MERV 13 filtration.

Buildings where it works…

MERV 13 filters provide higher quality air to occupants and remove pollutants. Mechanical systems typically found in Class-A commercial office buildings are most likely to be compatible with MERV 13 filters. These buildings, which commonly supply outside air through air-handling units or rooftop units, can generally replace existing filters with MERV 13 filters without compatibility issues.

Historically, MERV 13 filters have been more costly than standard filtration media, but the cost premium is dropping as demand increases. MERV 13 filters are now often cost-competitive if not cost-neutral.

…And where there are complications

However, not all mechanical systems are compatible with MERV 13 To MERV 16 filters. Incompatibility stems from both a lack of available products that physically fit in filter housings and increased resistance to airflow, known as “pressure drop.”