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multi-cell-htHigh Efficiency Extended Surface Filters for High Temperature Applications

Multi-CellHT filters are designed to provide high efficiency air filtration in high temperature applications. The Multi-CellHT is offered in two temperature ratings (750˚F and 900˚F) and in single header and double header configurations.

The Multi-CellHT is constructed of aluminized steel that will not flake or become brittle in high temperature applications. Aluminized faceguards and support straps are installed on the air entering and air exiting sides to provide additional support and durability. “Safe-edge” corrugated aluminum separators help maintain proper spacing of the filter media and help provide additional rigidity. The media is composed of durable ultra-fine glass microfibers and is designed to maximize filter life and efficiency. High temperature rope gasket (optional) can be applied to the filter to help prevent any leaks or bypass in the holding frames.

Multi-CellHT filters contain no silicone. Silicone is a possible cause of contamination and painting defects in paint booth drying ovens.


  • Two temperature ranges:
    750˚F and 900˚F
  • Two efficiency ranges:
    65% (MERV 11) and
    95% (MERV 14)
  • UL Class 1 standard 900
  • High efficiency microfiberglass filter media
  • Durable aluminized steel cell sides
  • Protective aluminized steel faceguards and support straps
  • Single header and double header configurations
  • Available with optional heavy-duty prefilter for applications with turbulent air flows

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