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Multi-Flo Extended Surface Rigid Air Filter

Extended Surface Rigid Air Filters

The Koch Multi-Flo is a rigid, extended surface air filter engineered to provide medium and high efficiency air filtration, and long filter lifecycles. The Multi-Flo, because of its rugged metal and plastic frame construction, is capable of operating in a wide variety of air handling systems, and is an excellent product for variable-air-volume (VAV) applications where changes in airflow might render a non-rigid filter ineffective.


Multi-Flo filters are widely used in hospitals, manufacturing plants, automotive plants, office buildings, universities, pharmaceutical laboratories, and in many other commercial and industrial applications. The Multi-Flo is interchangeable with all makes and models of competitive rigid filters. They are available in a single-header or non-header configuration, making it easy to install in any side access or front access housing. Each filter is completely disposable and is furnished ready for installation.

Two Media Options

In order to meet the strict Indoor Air Quality specifications found in today’s complex air filtration systems, Koch offers the Multi-Flo with two distinct types of air filter media. With two media choices, the end-user is assured of finding the correct product for every type of air handling system*.

Series S Synthetic Media

The media used in Multi-Flo Series S is composed of 100% synthetic fibers. These synthetic fibers are formed into a dual stage graded-density mat which ensures full depth loading, high dust holding capacity, and total media utilization. Also, these synthetic microfibers exhibit extraordinary strength and will not shed, even in high moisture applications or other adverse conditions. The media is supported downstream by a layer of spun-bonded synthetic.

Multi-Flo Series S is available in four ASHRAE efficiency ranges (MERV 11-15) to meet the unique demands of every application.

Series G Microfiberglass Media

Multi-Flo Series G filters are constructed with a microfiberglass media. The ultrafine glass fibers used in Series G media are formed into a progressively dense high loft blanket which provides high dust holding and low resistance to airflow. The microfiberglass media used in Multi-Flo Series G is designed specifically for use in high efficiency air filtration and has a long record of proven reliability, even under extreme atmospheric conditions. Multi-Flo Series G is available in four ASHRAE efficiency ranges (MERV 10-14) to meet the unique demands of every application.

Header Configurations

Multi-Flo Filters are available with two header designs. Standard non-header models are furnished with clip accommodation holes for front load filter banks. FM single-header models are equipped with a single 78” header upstream for side access housings. Also available with 118” header (Style FM-C) if required.


  • Low pressure drop
  • Reduces energy cost
  • Durable plastic internal supports
  • MERV 10 – 15 performance rating
  • High efficiency synthetic or microfiberglass media
  • Rigid construction for variable-air-volume systems

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