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DuraMAX-4vDuraMAX 4vHigh Efficiency Extended Surface Minipleat Filters

High Capacity Extended Surface Minipleat Filter

The Koch Filter Corporation DuraMAX 4v is a rigid, extended surface air filter, engineered to provide maximum performance and prolonged filter lifecycles, even in the most difficult environments. The durable, rugged construction of the DuraMAX 4v make it the filter of choice in filtration systems with high velocities or variable air volumes. DuraMAX 4v is constructed with an all plastic frame so it is easily incinerated after use.

Low Pressure Drop Reduces Energy Costs

DuraMAX 4v provides an unequaled combination of low pressure drop and high efficiency through the use of our unique minipleat design. This high capacity minipleat design allows a nominal 24 x 24 x 12 filter to incorporate 194 square feet of filter media. This increased extension of the media surface area insures low pressure drop,which results in lower energy costs to the user.

Extended Filter Life

Another benefit of the increased media area is extremely high Dust Holding Capacity, which significantly prolongs the service life of the filter. Fewer filter changes translate into substantially reduced maintenance and disposal costs.

Engineered Versatility

In order to meet the wide range of requirements found in today’s complex air filtration systems, DuraMAX filters are available in five ASHRAE efficiencies (65, 75, 85, 95, and 98%). The filter is offered in three standard sizes (24 x 24 x 12, 20 x 24 x 12, and 12 x 24 x 12). Single or double header configurations are available. The DuraMAX is also available in a medium capacity version known as the DuraMAX2v. The 2v model offers most of the same filtration benefits as the 4v model, but has approximately 50% less filter media for applications where initial purchase price is of paramount concern. See Bulletin K- 1205A for more information on the DuraMAX 2v.

DuraMAX 4vApplications

The DuraMAX 4v is an extremely durable filter, yet is also lightweight and compact. This combination makes the DuraMAX an ideal choice for a tremendous variety of applications. The DuraMAX4v is constructed with an all-plastic frame and is completely incinerable after use.

  • Power Generation, Petrochemical and Industrial Plants – Gas turbine and compressor air intakes
  • Automotive Manufacturing Plants –  Paint booths and assembly areas

  • Commercial Buildings – General HVAC for office buildings, universities, sports arenas and museums



  • MERV 11-15 performance rating (ASHRAE test standard 52.2-2007)
  • Five efficiencies: 65, 75, 85, 95 and 98%
  • High capacity minipleat design
  • Superior dust holding capacity, low pressure drop, extended filter life and energy savings
  • Microfiberglass or Synthetic filter media
  • 194 ft2 of media in a 24 x 24 x 12″ frame
  • Rigid lightweight plastic frame
  • Incinerable
  • U L Class 2 Standard 900

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