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MicroMaxExtended Surface Minipleat Filter

The Koch MicroMAX is an extended surface minipleat filter designed for use in a wide variety ofair filtration systems. The MicroMAX offers a unique combination of high efficiency and low pressure dropmaking it the ideal filter for use in any standard HVAC system.

The added advantages of its compact 4” depth and lightweight-yet-rigid construction also give theMicroMAX unsurpassed capability to perform in more specialized and difficult applications.

Standard Applications

  • Hospitals
  • Industrial Plants
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Universities
  • Pharmaceutical Facilities
  • Sports Arenas

Extreme Applications

  • Gas Turbines
  • Variable-Air-Volume-Sstems
  • High Humidity / High Moisture Areas

Specialized Applications

  • Diffusion Filters for Automotive Paint Spray Booths
  • Prefilters for HEPA filters in Clean Rooms and other critical areas

Dual Density Filter Media

The media used in MicroMAX minipleat filters is composed of microfiberglass paper, treated with a specially-formulated, water-repllent binder. Millions of fibers are constructed into a Graded Density mat, with coarse fibers upstream and finer fibers on theair-exiting side. This dual-density insures full media utilization,which results in higher dust holding capacity and extended filter life.Also available with antimicrobial-treated media.


  • Minipleat Design
  • BeverageBoardorMetalFrame
  • ThreeEfficiencyRanges

  • Compact4″ Depth
  • LightweightConstruction

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