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How to Clean Air-Cooled Equipment and Filters

Reduce service calls and increase the efficiency of air-cooled condensers, permanent air filters, evaporator coils, window units and other finned cooling/heating coils or equipment by selecting one of Nu-Calgon’s quality coil cleaners. Nu-Calgon’s line-up of cleaners are based on nearly 60 years of experience and technical expertise in coil cleaning – there is a product for any challenge.

Greasy dirt and dust in the air can collect on air conditioning and refrigeration coils. If these finned heating or cooling coils are left uncleaned, heat transfer will be reduced. In turn, compressors will have to work much harder, operating costs go up and valuable equipment could break down when it is needed most. For example, for every 2°F rise in condensing temperature that is caused by dirty coils, efficiency is reduced by 1% while power consumption is increased by 1%… a staggering price to pay for dirty coils.

In addition, clogged and dirty permanent filters restrict air flow and do not filter air, allowing dirt to contaminate rooms and stain walls around air ducts. Lastly, dirty electronic air cleaners, fouled with pollen, nicotine and other pollutants prevent them from adequately cleaning the air.

Regular cleaning with Nu-Calgon products protects equipment and helps maintain peak operating efficiency.

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